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Girls Planet by Yasushi Rikitake

July 21, 2007 by asianman | Filed under Japan, Japan, Paysite, Photography, Video.

A japanese photographer, Yasushi Rikitake, has recently made his art public to the english community. His extrememly high resolution photos gives attention to details on every aspect of his work. His girls are all of legal age as indicated on his site. Most of his models can be seen to be pretty young to some of middle aged japanese girls.

He is not a new photographers who comes out of the blue, but actually he has been famous in japan with his work since 2005. Other than beautiful japanese girls photos, he also made short movie clips of them in high quality.

Maria Tsukamoto is one of the many japanese models featured in his collection.

Maria Tsukamoto

Please visit his site to find more information at Yasushi Rikitake’s Collection.

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